MyEG To Introduce Online Transfer Of Vehicle Ownership Service


KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 15 (Bernama) -- Malaysia's e-government services provider MY E.G. Services (MyEG) Bhd, will launch a new service to facilitate the online transfer of vehicle ownership via its website. The service will be under the purview of the Road Transport Department (RTD).

MyEG's executive chairman Datuk Dr Norraesah Mohamad said: "The new service empowers vehicle owners to be proactive in ensuring the full completion of the ownership transfer process, for a convenience fee of RM25." The service consists of two phases, the "E-Tukar Hakmilik Sementara", where the ownership is transferred to used car dealers, and "E-Tukar Hakmilik Sukarela", to the eventual buyer.

"In the E-Tukar Hakmilik Sementara phase, all liabilities will fall on the dealers. "The objective is to protect sellers and thereby absolve them from any matters pertaining to the car during the "traditional phase" before being sold to the next owner," she told a press conference after the company's Annual General Meeting here today. MyEG will also provide training for used car dealers and finance companies, as most car ownership transfers usually go through either one party, and the process will also be more efficient while lowering the cost. Meanwhile, on revenue, Norraesah said that currently the highest contribution was from the RTD, at about 60 per cent. She also said MyEG would be embarking on a tax service project, whereby a RM40 million capital expenditure had been allocated to buy equipment to implement it, along with 100 new kiosks.



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