Audi 2013 Will Launch A Limited Edition Urban E-Tron Production Of 999 Units Vehicle

This year's Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi unveiled a new concept car Urban E-Tron, this car Audi reveals new urban commuter car design ideas. Recently, Audi confirmed production Urban E-Tron, this car will be limited production 999. The car is designed for city dwellers, body shape is similar to football, you can drag coefficient as low as possible.

Audi Urban E-Tron 2013 Concept Car

Lighter body material selected was more solid carbon fiber, as the body is narrow, so the four 21-inch wheels, independent body outside of the design. Interior design is simple but endowed with a sense of technology, the car has two seats, the co-pilot's seat can be moved backwards to ensure that two crew have enough space on the shoulder and elbow. The car equipped with two electric motor power system, the maximum power of 20 hp and maximum torque of 47Nm, expected 0-60km / h acceleration time of 6 seconds, top speed of 100km/h.

Audi Urban E-Tron 2013 Concept Car Interior

The car full of power Mileage 70km, the fastest 20 minutes to fully charge the battery. The car will be limited production of 999, the price range of $ 8,800 -14 000 dollars, the new car market in 2013.

From the Editor: electric or hybrid commuter car will serve as the main transport travel urban, compact body and energy saving features will effectively relieve urban congestion, parking is difficult and serious pollution problems. A similar model will be the future development trend of automobile.

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Audi Urban E-Tron 2013 Concept Car

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